meticulously creative developer.

curious observer.

eager learner.

Born in Japan but raised in the southern Appalachian Mountains, I never left Nashville once I came to study at Vanderbilt University. A keen observer of people, places and systems, coupled with a deep love for design, I've often bought magazines, not only to read the content, but so I can save the cover design. My desire now is to craft an online experience that people yearn to return to.



Test Driven Development / Mocha/Chai / RSpec / Minitest / Command Line / Version Control (Git) / User Experience



HTML + CSS + CSS Compilers + Frameworks + Javascript + jQuery + AngularJS + Ruby + Rails + SQL + Postgresql



Teamwork * Strategic Thinking * Social Media * Creativity * Writing in Any Style * Editing * Content Generation * Effective Communication with Diverse Audiences * SEO * Learning * Qualitative Methods


Snack Tennessee

Conjured, Pitched and Presented this Collaborative project during Hack TN 7.


A Chat App using Firebase, jQuery & lodash. Front-End class assignment

BSides Nashville

Collaborative Web Redesign for a nonprofit organization's flagship conference


A RubyonRails Capstone project that promotes more community engagement and accountability among those in the Nashville Technology sector.


meetups & gatherings I've been known to frequent: NashvilleUX, Nashville Women Programmers, Ruby for Beginners, Nash.rb, Girl Geek Dinner, HackTN

How did I first get involved in journalism? As an editorial cartoonist for the college newspaper.

+ Piet Mondrian: one of my favorite artists. + + + Both cats in the photo at top are from the Nashville Humane Association. +

A big NFL fan, I play on a fantasy football league with my high school friends (Class of 1999).

My husband and I try to visit at least one Frank Lloyd Wright building each year.